“The Smell of Rain” is a creative notebook exploring and relishing our deeper human engagement with the design, travel and culture. Curated by Anya Antropova for the new generation of purpose driven globetrotters.

In a hope to cultivate the growing appreciation for artistry, hospitality and mindful travel, Anya will explore the stories behind local hoteliers, farmers, chefs, healers and other creators around the globe. Stories that would hopefully inspire new approaches to travel and worldly experiences.

With her passion for design and a refined nomadic eye, she will share destinations, experiences and thoughtfully curated products that honor culture, creativity and observation driven travel.

Casa No Tempo. Harvested landscapes. Coming home.
June 9, 2023

With an emerging surge among travelers for silent escapes and slow living abodes, what is it that we are so desperately looking for [...]

Kerala. The Smell of Rain.
May 3, 2023

Petrichor, or simply the smell of rain, is a beautiful example of a physical occurrence manifesting itself into a grounding earthy feeling [...]